My Goals

  • Price your home correctly so it will sell in a reasonable amount of time
  • Make sure your home is exposed to as many buyers as possible
  • Sell your home at the highest possible price with the most favorable terms
  • Providing advice and counseling on:
    • sale price / date based on current market conditions
    • making the house more saleable
  • Employing creative and Innovative Marketing Strategies
    • Utilization of the Internet (Website)
    • Conducting Open Houses
    • Brochures
  • Communicating with buyers:
    • Qualifying Buyers
    • “Showcasing” your home to Buyers
    • Negotiate with Buyers to achieve the highest price
    • Helping to guide the Buyers to a decision to buy this property
  • Estimating of Net Proceeds
  • Communication and follow-up
  • My Personal Commitment to get the property sold


Advantages of working with a REALTOR

There is really no reason not to choose a Real Estate Agent to help you in the process of buying a new home.

  • It is typically the responsibility of the seller to pay any real estate commissions associated with the sale.
  • As a REALTOR, I would:
    • be committed 100% to getting you the home you want
    • spend as much time as necessary showing you your potential homes, and advising you every step of the way
  • make sure I show you as many homes as possible
  • buy you a home at the lowest possible price with the most favorable terms


  • Committed to showing as many homes as necessary to the buyer until the right one is found
  • Provide advice and counseling on making the right choice for any type of property
  • Utilization of a wide array of resources for finding homes including (but not limited to):
    • MLS
    • The Internet
    • Resources provided by Right At Home Realty.
  • Advising the buyer on buying a good property
  • Working with the client until and after the closing date
  • Advise on choosing a Mortgage Specialist, a Lawyer, and a Home Inspector who would also be invaluable when it comes to buying your house.